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Whole30 Day 4: Sweet Potato Hash & Eggs

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We’re starting Day 4 with a simple but satisfying dish of Sweet Potato Hash topped with fried eggs.


Why’d I pick this recipe? ‘Cause it always drives me a little nuts when someone insists that without grains, dairy, and sugar, “there’s literally nothing else to eat for breakfast.”

Really? Nothing? Not one thing?

Sure, going Paleo means chucking your toast and cereal. You’ll have to bid adieu to your cream-cheese-stuffed bagels, breakfast burritos, Barbie-themed Pop Tarts, syrup-drenched Star Trek Eggos, and pancakes-in-a-can. And no more Cinnabon-flavored instant Cream of Wheat, either. (Rest assured: They were never part of a “balanced breakfast” anyway.)

Instead, we Paleo “weirdos” are stuck eating real food, like meat and vegetables. Terrifying, right?


In all seriousness, I know that if you’re new to this way of eating, it can seem a little daunting when you suddenly realize that you’re on a Whole30, and your usual bowl of Special K and skim milk is off-limits. But there are a bazillion things we can eat for our first meal of the day, from steak and eggs to a hearty frittata.


Besides, last night’s leftovers are just as delicious in the morning. I’ve been known to chow on Korean shortribs and roasted kabocha squash before taking the kids to school. And in the winter, I love waking up to a steaming hot mug of bone broth.


Is the shift from Cap’n Crunch to meat and vegetables too sudden a change? Then Sweet Potato Hash may be just the thing to get you going in the morning. 

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